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How to check out if your device has Android Mobile OS:


It is easy to determine if the Operating System running on your mobile is Android. You need to understand that the operating system of a mobile phone depends on the brand of your phone. We will quickly go through the methods to determine if your mobile has Android operating system.

The basic rule of thumb is: If your Mobile is Nokia, BlackBerry or iPhone then it does NOT have Android Operating System.

Other ways to find out the operating system on your mobile are:

  • Check details of your handset on Mobile phone package box.
  • Check Operating System details in the phone manual.
  • Search Technical Specification for your phone model on Internet.
  • Ask your mobile phone vendor about the Operating System running on your phone.

You can also find out if your phone has Android Operating System.

  • Press Home button on your mobile device.
  • Press Menu.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap About phone.
  • In about screen, check for Firmware version or Android version.




In About phone settings, you can see Software Information option. After tapping on Software information, you will get Firmware version or Android version.


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