Updating Quick Heal

Quick Update' says I am not connected to Internet, but I am online?

This problem may arise if you are using a proxy server on your network or using Socks 4 & 5 network. You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Quick Update to get Internet access.

This problem may also arise if you or your ISP is using Firewall. Firewall should be configured to allow Quick Update to get Internet access.

In case the above problem remains as it is even after following the above step then we will recommend you to contact Quick Heal Technical Support Team. In the mean time you can also update your copy of Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file from Web page. Find below the instruction to update your copy Quick Heal manually by downloading exe file.

Manual update using Offline Updater tool for desktop users:

  • Download the "Offline Updater" tool from Web page. (As per your Quick Heal Version)
  • After downloading the tool, run the tool by clicking on it, the Offline Updater wizard will get opened.
  • Using Offline Updater tool we can take updates by two ways –


    • Click on 'Update Now' button to update your copy of Quick Heal.
    • OR
    • Click on 'Extract the updates' if you want updates to keep with you.
    • Click on "Browse" button and give the path of folder where updates are to be kept.
    • If you also want to Update your copy of Quick Heal after extraction, check the 'Install Updates after extraction' option.
    • Click on Continue.

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How do I set my Internet setting in case of proxy or sock4/5 connection?
  • If you are "using a proxy server" or "using Socks Version 4 & 5" on your network. You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Registration Wizard to get Internet access.

    Please follow the below given steps to configure Internet Settings:

    • In Registration Wizard, select 'Yes' to "I have Internet access on this computer" and click on "Internet Settings".

    • Under Proxy Settings, select the Use proxy check box.

    • Choose HTTP Proxy, Socks V 4 or SOCKS V 5 as per your settings and then do the following.

    • In Server, type IP address of the proxy server or domain name (e.g., proxy.yourcompany.com).

    • In Port, type the port number of the proxy server (e.g., 80).

    • In User name and Password, type your server logon credentials.

    • Click OK.

    • Click Apply.

I am using Quick Heal on my network. How can I configure Quick Heal so that all system on the network get updated automatically?
  • Quick Heal can be configured to provide hassle free upgradation across the network. You can follow the following guidelines for best results:

    • Setup one computer (may be the server) as the master update machine. Suppose server name is SERVER.

    • Configure Quick Heal on this computer to upgrade automatically from the Internet as per your desired schedule.

    • Make QHUPD folder in any location. e.g. C:\QHUPD

    • Assign 'Read-Only' sharing rights to this folder.

    • Launch Quick Update from Start-Programs-Quick Heal.

    • Click Next

    • Check on Save a copy of downloaded definition files option.

    • Click on Browse and locate the QHUPD folder. Click Open.

    • Click 'Next' to save this setting.

    • On all users computer on network launch Schedule Quick Update from Start-Programs-Quick Heal-Quick Heal-Settings-Schedule Updates.

    • Select the frequency of updates.

    • Click Next.

    • Select Pick from Specified path. Click on folder icon (right side to Pick from Specified Path).

    • Locate the \\SERVER\QHUPD folder from Network Neighborhood. Or instead of locating you can type the path as \\SERVER\QHUPD.

    • Click Next.

    • Click Finish.

By default 'Update Automatically' is configured.

With the above steps all the machines will be upgraded automatically without the user intervention at all. The functionality can be further extended through the following steps.

  • In case of major out breaks, Quick Heal provides upgrades in between also. Messenger flashes the notice on your machine.

  • On receipt of the message circulate a network notice requesting to users to click on Update Now button available extreme right in Quick Heal Integrated Scanner or Quick Update from Start-Programs-Quick Heal-Quick Heal-Utility-Quick Update.

  • Following prompt message will come "Quick Update is scheduled to update from following path \\Server\QHUPD. Continue from updating above path".

  • Click Yes.

Each time I start my system I get reminder to update my copy. How do I stop this message from appearing?
  • Update reminder will come if your Quick Heal is not updated within a fortnight. You can stop this reminder by following process:

    • Update your copy of Quick Heal to prevent reminder prompt from next boot.

    • Choose in reminder prompt, after how many days Quick Heal should remind you to update.

    • Launch Schedule Update from Settings menu of Quick Heal Integrated Scanner. Select 'Disable Quick Update Scheduler' option, click 'Next' and click 'Finish'.

This will prevent Quick Heal to update automatically. Henceforth you have to execute Quick Update manually to update your copy of Quick Heal.