Build a secure home network.
With safe Internet.


Device-agnostic security

Simply plug-and-protect all your smart devices- laptop, PC, smartphone, CCTV etc. from cyber threats.


Safe internet usage for kids on any device

Set time limits for internet usage to give your kids a break from their devices (gaming consoles, tablets etc.) Control social media access and block inappropriate websites.


Easy network management

You get to control your network and all connected devices with the QHHS app. Disconnect unwanted devices from your WiFi and receive instant threat alerts.

Quick Heal Home Security
protects against cyber-attacks for all your smart devices.


Provides total security from cyber-attacks to all smart devices at your home.


Enjoy easy Plug-n-play into your wireless router to download the app for total protection.


Get 360° visibility and complete control on all connected smart devices in your home.

Smart Home

Ensure a totally secure and safe home for your loved ones.

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Secure all your connected devices.
Simply plug-and-protect.


Web Protection

Block websites that are not suitable for your kids or other users connected to your home Wi-Fi.


Device Control

Block suspicious or unwanted activities by any device connected to your home Wi-Fi.


Parental Control

Control your kids’ Internet usage, know what sites they visit, & which device they are on.



Domain Name security extensions is an additional layer of security, to protect users connected with QHHS from the risk of accessing counterfeit DNS data.


Separate Network for home & guest users

Give separate Internet access to guests and family members.


Internet Security

Protect your home Wi-Fi from online threats and infected devices connected to your network.


Intrusion Prevention

Protect your connected devices such as smart AC and smart TV from cyberattacks.


Web Activity Report

Know which websites are accessed & what devices are used on your home Wi-Fi.


Schedule Internet Access

Fix a time-table for your kids to access the Internet at home.


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to online safety


Product Model HM1S
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n (Max 300Mbps)
Antenna Qty 2
WPS Button 1
Reset Push Button 1
LAN Port Allows to connect to the LAN cable
WAN Port Allows to connect with the WAN cable.
USB Port Allows to plug in the Internet dongle.
LED Indicators  
Power Shows ON/OFF status.
Internet Indicates Internet connection
Wi-Fi Indicates connectivity.
Service Indicates Home Security is ready
Encryption Algorithm WPA2-PSK
Compliance Standards IEEE 802.1x, UPnP, Wi-Fi, FCC Certified
Power Adapter 12V, 1A
Operating Temperature 0° - 40°C
Storage Temperature -40° - 70°C
Humidity 5% - 90% (non-condensing)
Length 199.96 mm
Depth 129.98 mm
Height 29.75 mm
Net Weight 197gm
Internet Explorer 11 or later
Firefox 58 or later
Chrome 64 or later
Safari 10 or later
Opera 46 or later

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