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Why is Parental Control a necessity?

Most parents nowadays work fulltime often leaving their kids unattended or lonely. So, to make up for their absence, they give their kids as much freedom as they can. This laissez-faire style of parenting can have deep social and psychological impacts on children.

With Internet having invaded most homes, its unattended and unmonitored access places children at a risk of being exposed to inappropriate websites or connecting with potentially dangerous people. The same scenario also makes way for hackers, viruses, and malware to attack the system which might result in abuse of personal and valuable information.

Poor quality time with parents can deprive children of valuable guidance and make their naive minds wander into dangerous places on the Internet. In such situations, Parental Control tools can ensure and reinforce Internet safety.

Start talking to your kids – it's important

On the superhighway called Internet, information whether good, bad or ugly is readily available and easily accessible. Children, given their tender age, are easily influenced by the overload of information pouring from the Internet, TV, cell phones, games, and peers to name a few. As the world becomes a smaller place to live in, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor what information comes in and goes out.

The term "Parental Control", in no way, should imply dictatorship or curtailing freedom. It is but a process of guidance and persuasion to help the little minds step into a better future.

It is not necessary to be up-to-date with technological advances in order to guide and help your children. You should talk to them about their involvement on the Internet - this should be an ongoing effort. It is natural to come across resistance especially from teens who have increased need for privacy but are also at the risk of jeopardizing their future. As a parent it is your duty to draw lines and keep your kids safe.

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