Keep your kids safe online with
Quick Heal Total Security’s
Parental Control

Control and schedule Internet and computer usage for your children.

Empower them while ensuring their safety on the Internet.

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How to configure Parental Control?

While configuring the Parental Control settings, ensure that each child has a standard user account. You'll need an Administrator user account to configure the settings. For instructions on how to create Administrator and Standard Accounts, click here.

Once you have created Standard Accounts for your children, you can adjust individual settings that you want to control.

A. Steps for setting up Internet Browsing Control

With Internet Browsing Control, you can:

1. Block access to website categories (chat, adult, violence, movies, games, etc.) (Refer to figure 1)

Figure 1


2. Block access to specific websites. (Refer to figure 3)

Figure 3


3. Set a schedule for Internet access. (Refer to figure 4)

Figure 4


B. Steps for setting up Application Control

With Application Control, you can:

1. Block computer applications (gaming programs, messaging tools, media players, etc.) by their categories. (Refer to figure 5)

Figure 5


2. Block specific applications. (Refer to figure 7)

Figure 7


C. Steps for setting up PC Access Control

With PC Access Control you can control your kids’ usage of their computer. (Refer to figure 8)

Figure 8


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