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Quick Heal Total Security’s
Parental Control

Control and schedule Internet and computer usage for your children.

Empower them while ensuring their safety on the Internet.

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What is Parental Control?

Parental Control helps parents ensure that their kids use the Internet constructively without getting exposed to any of its dangers. Quick Heal Parental Control now comes with enhanced features which include:

Internet Browsing Control - to restrict kids from visiting inappropriate or potentially dangerous websites (adult, chat, violence, game, crime, etc.). It also allows you to set a fixed schedule for Internet access at home.

Application Control -to regulate your children’s usage of computer applications like gaming programs, chat or messaging tools, media players, etc.

PC Access Control - to set a timetable based on which, kids can access their computer on particular days and time.

Our Parental Control tool is effective and easy-to-use. Click here to learn how you can configure its settings.

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