Queries about newly introduced features

What is Browsing Protection?
Browsing Protection protects you from accessing websites with malicious content. It ensures that malicious websites are automatically blocked, and you have a safe browsing experience.
What does Autorun Protection do?
Autorun Protection secures your device against malwares that autorun themseleves by blocking the Autorun feature of your device. To configure Autorun Protection go to Protection > External Drive Protection > Autorun Protection on the product.
Why is it essential to enable Self Protection?
The Self Protection feature ensures that important Quick Heal files, folders, configurations and registry entries cannot be altered or modified by any viruses or malwares, or tampered by other applications.
How is Secure Delete different from normal Windows delete?
The conventional delete in Windows will retain a copy of the file in Recycle Bin. If you Shift+Delete a file, it is removed from the system. But the file can be retrieved by using a recovery software. The Secure Delete feature in Quick Heal Antivirus permanently erases the file from the hard disk making it impossible to retrieve the file using recovery software as well.
What is Anti-Tracker?
Anti-Tracker blocks trackers that track your activities online. Trackers on websites collect data about the types of websites you visit, what videos you view, and what social networking sites you use etc. Trackers use this data to show you personalised advertisements.
What is Wi-Fi Scanner?
Wi-Fi Scanner scans the Wi-Fi router that your computer connects to and helps you know if the router has vulnerabilities, and weak links that can get you in trouble.
What is Game Booster?
Game Booster allows you to enjoy playing games on device faster and smoothly with no frame drops or lags.

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