How do I set my Internet setting in case of proxy or sock4/5 connection?

  • If you are "using a proxy server" or "using Socks Version 4 & 5" on your network. You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Registration Wizard to get Internet access.

    Please follow the below given steps to configure Internet Settings:

    • In Registration Wizard, select 'Yes' to "I have Internet access on this computer" and click on "Internet Settings".

    • Under Proxy Settings, select the Use proxy check box.

    • Choose HTTP Proxy, Socks V 4 or SOCKS V 5 as per your settings and then do the following.

    • In Server, type IP address of the proxy server or domain name (e.g., proxy.yourcompany.com).

    • In Port, type the port number of the proxy server (e.g., 80).

    • In User name and Password, type your server logon credentials.

    • Click OK.

    • Click Apply.

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