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    Quick Heal Total Security Multi-Device

    Quick Heal
    Total Security Multi-Device


    3 Devices, 1 Year

      For Windows

    • Protects your financial data during online banking and shopping. Read More »
    • Helps manage and control Internet and computer access for your kids. Show Less »
    • For Mac

    • Automatic, customizable protection continuously keeps your Mac safe against worms, Trojans, and other malicious programs. Read More »
    • Blocks access to malicious and infected websites. Show Less »
    • For Android

    • Store your private documents in a secure vault. Read More »
    • Lock all your apps with a PIN and protect your privacy. Show Less »
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    Quick Heal Total Security

    Quick Heal
    Total Security


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Shop, bank and pay your bills online with complete security.
    • Block unauthorized USB drives from copying your confidential data.
    • Scan and clean your smartphone via your PC.
    • Boost your computer’s performance for multitasking and power-hungry tasks.
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    Quick Heal Internet Security

    Quick Heal
    Internet Security


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Stay safe from infected, fake and bogus websites.
    • Shop and bank online without worrying about hackers and malware.
    • Stay away from data-stealing programs such as keyloggers and spyware.
    • Manage and control your children's Internet and computer usage.
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    Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro

    Quick Heal
    AntiVirus Pro


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Stay away from new and unknown malware threats.
    • Scan your PC without slowing it down.
    • Keep your inbox free of infected emails.
    • Stay safe from malicious Internet downloads.
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    Quick Heal Total Security for Mac

    Quick Heal
    Total Security for Mac


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Fast and highly responsive virus protection
    • Browsing and Phishing protection to keep malicious websites at bay
    • Smooth email protection monitors email traffic for malware, including any sent as attachments from Windows users
    • Macbook Tracking facility
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    Quick Heal Tablet Security for Android

    Quick Heal Tablet Security for Android


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Stop unwanted advertisements from consuming your credit and Internet data balance.
    • Save time and ensure productivity by effortlessly blocking unwanted calls and unwanted SMSs.
    • Take a backup of all your valuable data on your Remove Device Management (RDM) account.
    • Network Monitor manages the networks that are in use on your device. You can check the current data usage of all the networks and control the data usage.
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    Quick Heal Total Security for Android

    Quick Heal Total
    Security for Android


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Download and install the Antivirus & Mobile Security app on your phone through below Download Software link
    • Open the installed app
    • Read and accept the end-user license agreement
    • On the app, tap the menu icon (☰). Go to Buy Premium and select Enter Product Key
    • Enter 20 digit activation key to activate the premium features
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    Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server

    Quick Heal
    AntiVirus for Server


    1 User, 1 Year

    • Easy installation, optimized antivirus scanning, and minimum resource utilization.
    • Robust and interoperable technology makes it one of the most dynamic antivirus software tools available.
    • Reduced transfer time for updates guarantee that your server runs flawlessly under all circumstances.
    • Enhanced user interface gives easy access to 4 core areas of configuration.
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    Quick Heal PCTuner 3.0

    Quick Heal
    PCTuner 3.0


    1 User, Lifetime

    • Swift and convenient way to reduce system clutter.
    • Improves system performance and deletes privacy traces of popularly used applications in the system.
    • No more individual cleanup activities required with the Auto cleanup feature.
    • Redundant files are deleted on the basis of a true file check.
    • Users have the option to select between three different types of deletion methods.
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    Quick Heal Mobile Security

    Quick Heal
    Mobile Security

    • Review the overall security level of your device with Security Shield.
    • Schedule regular virus scans for your device with Schedule Scan.
    • Track your lost mobile with Remote Device Management portal.
    • Block numbers belonging to a certain series with Call Filter.
    Fonetastic Free

    Fonetastic Free

    • Optimize your phone’s speed, storage, and enhance its battery life
    • Detect and remove mobile viruses, scan for security vulnerabilities, and secure your smartphone from fake and harmful apps
    • Track your phone if lost or stolen with Quick Heal’s Anti-theft technology
    • Block unwanted calls and SMSs
    Quick Heal Optimizer

    Quick Heal

    • Improves iOS device performance
    • Cleans cache
    • Backs up contacts on secure cloud server
    • Gets rid of unused app memory