To renew Quick Heal, do I need a new product key or the same product key can be used?

To renew, you need either renew your existing product key or can to get a new renewal Product Key as well

For more details reach out to renew@quickheal.co.in or call us at 09272202525

How can I renew my Quick Heal license?

You can renew Quick Heal through the application.

  • Open Quick Heal antivirus > More > License Details
  • Click the Renew Now button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase transaction.
  • If you have already purchased a renewal key then you can click Got a renewal code, enter the renewal key and follow the steps for renewal.

    For more details reach out to renew@quickheal.co.in or call us at 09272202525

I renewed the license of Quick Heal antivirus, but my license details have not been updated?

If you renew your license online, the license details will get updated automatically.

To update your license details manually:

  1. Open Quick Heal antivirus.
  2. On the dashboard, click License - xxx days left.

    Your details will be updated.

I am using an older version of Quick Heal and want to renew its license.

If you are using an older version of Quick Heal antivirus, we recommend that you first upgrade it to the latest version and then renew your license.

To upgrade to the latest version,

Download the latest product build from https://www.quickheal.com/quick-heal-product-installer.

You also can get in touch with our Support Team at our Toll Free number: 1800-121-7377

How will I get to know if I have made an online payment?

You can drop us an email at renew@quickheal.com, with your banking transaction details. Quick Heal will get back to you with an update.

Contact our renewal helpline on +91-92722 02525.

Available Timings: Monday to Friday - 09.00 AM to 07.00 PM (IST)

Saturday & Sunday - 09.30 AM to 06.30 PM (IST).

How long does it take for a product to be renewed after the payment is made?

After we confirm the payment, your license is renewed within 30-60 mins.

If I renew my license well before the expiry date, will my remaining period get extended?

Yes. The validity of your renewed license begins after the original expiry date.

For example, if your license expires on 20th July 2023 and you renew it on 1st July 2023 for a year. Your new license validity will start from 20th July 2023. Hence, you do not lose the period between 1st and 20th July.

Will my product be upgraded automatically when I renew my Quick Heal license?

No. Only your existing version of Quick Heal antivirus will be renewed and not upgraded.

To upgrade your product to the latest version, Download and install the latest product build from here

Are reactivation and renewal the same things?

No. Reactivation is reinstalling your Quick Heal antivirus after uninstalling it from your computer and registering your details again.

Renewal means extending the current license validity post expiry of license by purchasing a new renewal code.

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