System Requirements


  • Scan Device

    This flexible feature offers the following functionalities:

    • Quick Scan:

      Runs a quick scan on your device at your request.
    • Full Scan:

      Full scan is a complete scan, which scans your device and memory card.
    • Schedule Scan:

      This feature allows you to schedule a virus scan at a time that is convenient for you.
    • Security Advisor:

      The Security Advisor guides you about settings that can enhance the overall security of your Smartphone. For example, if the 'Screen Lock' setting is not enabled on your phone, then the Security Advisor will instruct you to enable it.
    • Privacy Advisor:

      Privacy Advisor notifies and allows you to do a quick inspection of apps that might affect your privacy. It helps you review the permissions used by such apps, and you can decide whether to keep them or not.

    Set Privacy

    The Set Privacy feature allows you to protect your privacy with the following functionalities:

    • Call Filter:

      This Android security feature helps you block incoming calls from unknown or unwanted numbers. You can also block numbers within a particular series.
    • International Call Block:

      This feature allows you to block unknown International calls.
    • Register With TRAI:

      This feature lets you block all types of telemarketing calls by registering your number in the DND (Do Not Disturb) list. You can also raise a complaint with TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) against unwanted telemarketing calls and SMSs.

    Message Center

    Displays important notifications that require your attention. Latest IT security news and alerts are also displayed in the Message Center.


    Receive extensive reports on the activities performed by Quick Heal Mobile Security on your device.

    Call Forwarding

    Helps you set a number to which all your incoming calls will get forwarded. You can also set this number by sending an SMS or via the Remote Device Management portal.

    Background Scan

    Assured protection from all kinds of virus and malware threats. Automatically detects virus and spyware in real-time. The Background Scan runs silently without interfering with the normal functionality of your phone.

    Vulnerability Scan

    Certain mobile apps installed on your phone might have security vulnerabilities which hackers can take advantage of. This feature detects such vulnerabilities and brings them to your notice.

    On Install App Scan

    Scans newly installed apps on the device to detect and prevent threats.

    Wi-Fi Scan

    Alerts you whenever your mobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Connecting to such networks can let attackers steal your sensitive information like login ID and passwords, banking details, and other personal information.

    Regular Automated Virus Updates

    Takes automatic virus definition updates, so that your device is secured from new and emerging threats.

    Share App

    With this feature, you can easily share your Quick Heal Mobile Security application with other Android devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or NFC. You can also use other mobile apps that allow application sharing.


    Quick Heal's anti-theft technology prevents your device from being misused. It allows you to remotely lock your device, erase its data, and track its location if it gets lost or stolen.

    Quick Settings Notification

    Enable this feature to get quick access to device setting options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Brightness, and Torch.

    Scan Before Download

    Automatically scans apps even before you download them from the Google Play Store. It also informs you whether an app is safe to install or not. If it's not, the feature displays the risks of installing the app.

    Remote Device Management

    This is a portal provided by Quick Heal, where you can easily manage your device if it gets lost or stolen. Through this portal, you can remotely lock, unlock, and delete the data on your phone. The Remote Device Management portal also helps you track the location of your device.

    Security Shield

    The Security Shield displays the security level of your device and data through a graphical representation. By tapping this shield, you can configure the security settings of your device.

    Fingerprint Unlock

    If your device supports fingerprint sensor, you can use your fingerprint to access features such as App Access, Vault, Anti-Theft, & Block Websites.

    Intruder detection

    If someone enters a wrong password 2 times consecutively (to unlock your device's lock screen), this feature will take snapshots using the front and rear camera of the device.

    Trusted SIMs List

    Add multiple SIM numbers to Trusted SIMs List. This feature is beneficial for users using multiple SIMs. When the SIM is changed, the device is not blocked if its entry is present in the Trusted SIM list. Fifty (50) SIM numbers can be added to this List.


    Get latest news on mobile protection, security alerts, and other important information related to IT security.


    For more details, please refer to the product datasheet of Quick Heal Mobile Security

  • System Requirements

  • Supported Versions of Android

    • 4.0 and up.

    Supported Resolutions of Android

    • 240 x 320,320 x 480,480 x 800,600 x 1024, 1080 x 1920 (supports all screen sizes).

    Note: If you are using Android L, please switch your device to Owner's Profile mode before installing this app. This app is not supported by guest profiles.

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