System Requirements


  • Optimize

    • Speed:

      Enhance your device's performance by killing running apps that are idle and not being used.
    • Battery:

      Keep a track of your device's battery life, and kill running apps that drain battery power. Notifies you with an alarm sound when battery level becomes critically low.
    • Storage:

      Securely store all your important data on Quick Heal cloud and retrieve it whenever required. This is helpful in cases where you might lose your data due to unforeseen circumstances. You can also clean cache, and move data from internal storage to SD card and vice versa.
    • Data Usage:

      Track and set your cellular data limit to manage your data usage. This helps you ensure that your data is not used unnecessarily.
    • Floating Window:

      An easy shortcut that lets you free up RAM, kill running apps, and toggle between shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Ringtones, Bluetooth, Cache Cleaner, and more.


    • App Access:

      Lock WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Messaging, Gallery, Skype, Camera, Gmail, and any app on your phone that you think can affect your privacy.
    • Vault:

      Keep your personal images, confidential documents, videos, call logs and messages private by keeping them in a password-protected folder.
    • Block Numbers:

      Block calls and messages from known and unknown numbers. You can blacklist numbers starting or ending with a particular series. Spam messages can be blocked based on the keywords you provide.
    • Privacy Advisor:

      Identify apps that might cost you money, harm your privacy, access the Internet or affect the overall security of your device.


    • Vulnerability Scan:

      Certain mobile apps installed in your phone might have security vulnerabilities which hackers can take advantage of. This feature of Fonetastic detects such vulnerabilities and brings them to your notice.
    • Fingerprint Unlock:

      If your device supports Fingerprint sensor, you can use your fingerprint to access features such as App Access, Vault, Anti-Theft, & Block Websites.
    • Antivirus:

      Protect your device against malicious and harmful apps with real-time virus scans, scheduled, background, and cloud scans.
    • Anti-Theft:

      Remotely lock your lost or stolen device and wipe its data. You can also track your phone's location on a map. If your device SIM card is changed, this feature will send you a notification on your alternate contact number.
    • Anti-Spam:

      This feature helps you view and delete spam messages.
    • Block Websites:

      Stay protected against phishing and fake websites. Block access to websites by blacklisting their URLs or their category (like adult, violence, download, social networking, etc.). This feature supports multiple Internet browsers on your phone.
    • Security Advisor:

      Configure device settings that can help increase the security level of your phone.
    • Secure Camera:

      Click photos using this feature, and they will be saved in the Gallery Vault automatically.

    For more details, please refer to the product datasheet of Fonetastic Pro.

  • System Requirements

  • Supported Versions of Android

    • 4.0 and up.

    Supported Screen Resolutions of Android

    • 240 x 320
    • 320 x 480
    • 480 x 800
    • 600 x 1024
    • 1080 x 1920

    (Supports all screen sizes.)